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Understanding a client’s risk profile is a fundamental responsibility of every financial advisor, but gauging that risk profile isn’t always easy.

Now, that valuable information is available directly from your CRM application, thanks to SmartOffice’s integration with Riskalyze. With a few clicks in SmartOffice, you can leverage Riskalyze’s innovative portfolio analysis technology to determine whether your clients’ investments are right for them.

Portfolio Analysis Made Easy

In addition to increasing your value to your clients, using SmartOffice with Riskalyze can streamline your daily workflows by helping you access Riskalyze more quickly. (Don’t have SmartOffice? Click here.)

Portfolio Export and Analysis

While viewing a client’s record in SmartOffice, launch Riskalyze to quickly export/update the client’s contact information and investment portfolio to Riskalyze. You can even export an entire household’s data.


Once the export is complete, Riskalyze applies its scientific analysis to the client’s current portfolio to give you a Risk Number. Use that number to start a conversation with the client about better aligning investments with the client’s actual risk profile.

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Single Sign-On

Navigate seamlessly from SmartOffice to Riskalyze without juggling multiple sign-ins. When you’re viewing a client or household in SmartOffice, you can jump to the corresponding record in Riskalyze without having to sign in to Riskalyze.

Display Risk Numbers in SmartOffice

In SmartOffice, see at a glance whether your client’s risk profile and investments are aligned. You can display personal and portfolio Risk Numbers front and center in each client’s contact record. You can even display Risk Numbers in Dynamic Reports.

Take a look

Here’s a quick visual tour of the interaction between SmartOffice and Riskalyze.

Launch Riskalyze from a SmartOffice contact record and find the matching Riskalyze contact (or create a new one).

Once the SmartOffice and Riskalyze contacts are linked, Riskalyze opens directly to that client’s record.

In addition, the client’s portfolio in Riskalyze is updated using the latest investment account and position data from SmartOffice.

You can customize the contact page layout in SmartOffice to display your clients’ personal and portfolio Risk Numbers.

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