30 Years of Experience in the Wealth Management CRM Business

The Story of SmartOffice

Ebix began developing solutions to support agents and advisors nearly 30 years ago. It’s goal: to help industry professionals better leverage vital client information in a new way. With its very first Windows-based solution—the Client Data System (CDS)—it pushed the envelope of contact management to include customer service and policy and investment tracking—all from a financial services industry perspective.

Several years ago, CDS evolved into SmartOffice, helping the wealth management industry leverage new technologies to support considerable shifts in the business needs of our users. SmartOffice covers the full spectrum of financial services distribution—including insurance companies, general agents, banks, investment dealers, agents, and financial advisors.

In use by many of the top 20 Fortune 500® Life companies and more than 100,000 professionals nationwide, SmartOffice is now considered the industry standard for agency management, practice management, and enterprise CRM.

With management and support teams that offer unprecedented longevity in the business, highly proven solutions, and offices around the United States, SmartOffice continues to strive toward our mission: delivering outstanding solutions that address the specialized needs of financial services professionals to help drive operational efficiencies, boost revenues, and support exceptional client service.

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