"SmartOffice has evolved into a powerful financial services tool that makes us more efficient, accountable, and compliant."

Lisa Allen | Partner/Co-Founder


  • Manage multiple types of business within a single system
  • Gain anytime, anywhere data access
  • More effectively manipulate marketing sets
  • Eliminate the headache of continual upgrades and patches


  • SmartOffice Premier Edition
  • SmartInvestments
  • SmartLink for Laser App
  • SmartLink for Albridge
  • SmartPDAs


  • Effectively manage a client base of over 500 households using task, appointment, and activity notes and scheduling
  • Instant, shared ‘memory’ of all activity for every contact
  • More accountability in respect to compliance
  • Greater visibility using links into accounts and business sets
  • Fast, easy marketing to clients and other centers of influence
  • Capability to support ‘passion marketing’ campaigns
  • 24/7 data access with no in-house maintenance required

PlanningWork$ delivers personalized investment advice through an extensive financial planning and investment strategy process designed to help clients assess their current financial situation, analyze their life goals and implement sound, long-term strategies. Lisa and the firm’s six-person team moved from Time & Chaos, a Windows-based contact management system, to SmartOffice in 2007