"SmartOffice makes me a major league player. The differences between SmartOffice and other systems are enormous."

Steve Caldara President & Principal
Member: MDRT, NAIFA, Advisory Council for The Leaders Group


  • Capitalize on the power of database marketing to support a 100% referral-based practice
  • Segment contacts by type to focus on the right people at the right time
  • Proactively reach out to clients and ensure no activities fall through the cracks
  • Manage and track referrals to ensure continued growth
  • Increase reporting capabilities and workflow efficiencies
  • Effectively track referrals for business partners (estate planning attorneys, CPAs, mortgage brokers, etc.)


  • SmartOffice Premier Edition
  • SmartPolicies for policy tracking
  • SmartLink for Laser App
  • Ebix CRM one-on-one training sessions
  • Currently adding SmartInvestments for investment tracking


  • Targeted marketing outreach has helped maintain 60% new business income from existing clients
  • Proactive client contact has made it easier to maintain trust—even in a down market
  • Automated alerts help ensure client relationships are constantly ‘watered’ for growth
  • Client segmentation by type (client/prospect/suspect) and subtype (proven/probable/unconfirmed/unwilling to provide referrals) ensures proper focus and use of resources
  • Able to easily track and monitor joint activity with trusted business partners
  • Access to online training has reduced training requirements for new personnel