"After using SmartOffice for more than a year, we continue to be surprised by all it can do."

Debbie Gaydosh | Administrative Assistant to James E. Gaydosh CFP, LUTCF
Royalton Financial Group


  • Increase efficiency to ‘do more with less’ due to reduction in support staff
  • Deliver high client service levels to drive referrals
  • Staff needed to multi-task while remaining 100% focused on critical tasks
  • Ability to quickly locate and access emails, activity history, documents, and other necessary information
  • Find ways to support established workflows that are unique to the practice
  • Work quickly to address urgent ‘right now’ requests by the producers while staying on track and avoiding errors
  • Access information from home via the web to support a remote working environment
  • Ensure business continuity in case of fire or other disaster by eliminating risk of data loss


  • CAI SmartOffice Package:
      - Client Data Tracking & Searching
      - Calendar & Activity Management
      - Microsoft Office Integration
      - User Defined Homepage
      - Household Tracking
      - Marketing Management
      - Investment Tracking
      - Investment Download from Albridge
      - Policy Tracking
      - Dynamic Reporting
      - Smartphone Access
  • Ebix CRM one-on-one training sessions
      - 4 weekly one-hour sessions
  • Ebix CRM conversion services


  • Automation and the ability to quickly access information has helped the support team accomplish more each day with fewer resources
  • Higher service levels and more referred business due to automated client outreach that supports timely, targeted, and personalized communication
  • Activities management supports completion of planned daily workload and coordination between the producers and staff, despite constant interruptions
  • All client information—from activity history to call notes to related documents—is now consolidated and accessible from within each contact record
  • User-defined homepages provide focused visibility into the things that matter most (producer-oriented reports vs. staff-oriented reports)
  • With summer work schedules, remote access via the web allowed staff to work from home and avoid build up of work in the office
  • Focused training for the staff provided significant
    proficiency improvements and identified how SmartOffice can efficiently support unique business requirements

Royalton Financial Group provides personalized investment advice designed to help clients reach their long-term financial goals. The firm’s four producers and their support team transitioned from ACT! to SmartOffice in 2008. Royalton Financial Group offers securities through Capital Analysts, Inc.