"SmartOffice makes it possible for me to deliver full-time results on a part-time schedule."

Harriet Hall | Client Services Coordinator
Mammini Company


  • Coordinate activities among producers and staff, all of whom are often out of the office
  • Consolidate all activities and tasks from various diverse locations into a single system
  • Develop a more streamlined, effective process for client communication
  • Find a more effective way to turn basic client data into meaningful and actionable information
  • Automate the process of client segmentation and evaluation to drive better service
  • Ability to address immediate action items without neglecting daily tasks
  • Ensure that shared tasks are not duplicated — or left to fall through the cracks
  • Ensure business continuity in case of fire or other disaster by eliminating risk of data loss


  • CAI SmartOffice Package:
    1. Client Data Tracking & Searching
    2. Calendar & Activity Management
    3. Microsoft Office Integration
    4. User Defined Homepage
    5. Household Tracking
    6. Marketing Management
    7. Investment Tracking
    8. Investment Download from Albridge
    9. Policy Tracking
    10. Dynamic Reporting
    11. Blackberry Access
  • Ebix CRM one-on-one training sessions - 4 weekly one-hour sessions
  • Ebix CRM conversion services


  • Ebix CRM team made the conversion process from ACT ! to SmartOffice less difficult than anticipated
  • Able to mine and leverage all layers client data to create valuable, actionable tasks
  • Staff is able to proactively plan action items using the user configured SmartOffice Home Page
  • Recently completed client segmentation exercise enables more effective reporting and targeted marketing
  • Save significant time by streamlining basic tasks such as generating newsletters, mailings/labels, email blasts, and individual client communication
  • Improved service by putting information at everyone’s fingertips, particularly to 401K clients with whom they have infrequent communication
  • Working toward fully leveraging SmartLink for Albridge to deliver immediate advice using one-touch access to the client’s complete investment profile
  • Activity management tools make it possible to stay focused on the big picture even when interrupted with urgent tasks
  • Transition to a web-based system ensures disaster recovery by fully protecting valuable data
  • Data is accessible from anywhere, anytime—by all team members
  • Principal stays connected with the staff by accessing client data, appointments, and activities using a Blackberry
  • One-on-one training created a learning environment for the staff to identify how to increase the business efficiency by using SmartOffice