"I love the combination of SmartOffice, Albridge, and Laser App. Together they give me all the tools I need to run my business."

Nancy S. High | Owner & Investment Advisor Representative
NSH Retirement Strategies


  • Convert and leverage historical data from purchased book of business Windows-based solution
  • Effectively manage accounts from multiple sources after switching Broker Dealers
  • Self-sufficiently manage the entire practice—with or without an assistant
  • Fully leverage data using detailed search tools
  • Segment A, B & C clients for servicing and upselling opportunities
  • Automate email and direct mail outreach


  • SmartOffice Premier Edition
  • SmartInvestments for investment tracking
  • SmartPolicies for policy tracking
  • SmartLink for Albridge
  • SmartLink for Laser App
  • SmartPDA for mobile data access


  • Streamline and accelerate workflow using SmartOffice integrations with Albridge and SmartLink for Laser App
  • Able to segment clients and mine data to define service needs and sales opportunities
  • Manage entire book of business with just 8 hours of help each week
  • Seamlessly transitioned Broker Dealers while temporarily disabled and working from home
  • Able to deliver consistent, real-time communication to help clients through a volatile market
  • Identified at-risk clients during extreme market fluctuations to protect assets