"SmartOffice gave us the functionality we needed from a vendor we knew we could trust."

Marc Jacoby | President & Owner


  • Identify a web-based solution that delivered the same industry-specific benefits as the current
    Windows-based solution
  • Access detailed client information from any U.S. location
  • Support for new business processing, householding, and investment and policy tracking


  • SmartOffice Premier Edition for Financial Advisors
  • SmartCaseManager to manage pending cases
  • SmartPolicies to track and manage multi-line business
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Online client journal (SmartPad) to ensure top client service and compliance
  • Ebix CRM online training library


  • Advisors nationwide have 24/7 access to their vital client information
  • Integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook helps streamline business processes
  • Ability to scan all documents and link them to a contact record online saves space and guarantees that every piece of client information is accessible from anywhere, anytime

J-MAR Associates Insurance Services, located in Los Angeles, provides complete financial planning advisory services, including personal and business investment planning, retirement planning, and employee benefit programs. President Marc Jacoby is a 30-year industry veteran, serving as a member of numerous trade associations and the State Insurance Commission. Named "Man of the Decade," he is an honorary Senate Commissioner of the State of California for Life Insurance. After using Ebix CRM’s Windows-based Client Data System® for more than a decade, Jacoby’s firm moved to SmartOffice in 2004.