SmartOffice Agency Management
Superior Services for Brokerage General Agencies

When your agency needs to optimize its sales and case management teams for maximum revenue and productivity, the right technology solution can make all the difference.

SmartOffice is a complete agency management system (AMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution that keeps all of your agency's operations in perfect sync. From sales to underwriting to compensation, SmartOffice helps your producers and staff live up to their potential while allowing you to easily measure your agency's financial health.

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Supercharge Case Management 

Take control of multi-carrier, multi-product new-business processing. 

  • Streamline communication between carriers, service providers and advisors.
  • Track formal and informal cases.
  • Log notes on communications from all parties in a single location on the case.
  • Easily convert illustrations and quotes to cases with a click of a button.
  • Receive automatic status updates from carriers view carrier data from within the individual case.
  • Track cycle time in each policy stage (e.g., days in underwriting, days in issued, etc.).
  • Generate customized case correspondence using merge codes to pull in data from SmartOffice.
  • Automatically check advisor licensing, appointment and compliance status for new cases.
  • Automatically verify product availability in the state of sale.

Track Commissions

Ensure prompt and accurate payment of commissions to yourself and to advisors with multi-carrier commission tracking. 

  • Track commissions at defined hierarchy levels.
  • Build commission projections to help with revenue forecasting.
  • Identify, report on, and resolve unpaid commissions.

Drive Sales

Take your sales and marketing operations to the next level with powerful tracking features. 

  • Track new business from proposal to commission reconciliation.
  • Use a consolidated dashboard to see production numbers for individual advisors, branch offices, or organizations.
  • Collect, evaluate and distribute sales leads and plan seminars and other events.
  • Track proposals and other presale activities. Run illustrations directly from the client record using our seamless integration with WinFlex, and save illustrations to SmartOffice.

Streamline Staff Efficiency

Give your office staff the tools they need to help advisors and provide quality service to clients.

  • Use a powerful calendar to automate tasks and follow-ups. Keep your staff focused and prevent important items from slipping through the cracks.
  • Keep all critical data about producers in one central database.
  • Keep training costs in check by allowing staff to continue using the MS Office tools they're already familiar with.
  • Give advisors their own portal for getting case status information and other critical updates without having to call the home office.

Integrate with Existing Tools

SmartOffice works seamlessly with MS Office as well as other common agency productivity tools.

  • Get status information about underwriting requirements electronically from commonly used service providers.
  • Get automatic pending case downloads from carriers, eliminating the time and cost of manual updates.

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