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Work Smarter - Handling Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
Liz talks about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) -- and how to track them effectively and easily.
Work Smarter - Let's Talk Calendars
The Date Game…so much more than simply 'who,' 'when,' 'what,' 'where,' and 'why.'
Work Smarter - Let's Talk Sets
Liz walks us through taking the Sets feature in SmartOffice to the next level.
Work Smarter - Live Webinar: Market Like a Pro
This webinar will help redefine marketing. It’s not about your data…it’s about…well, join us and find out the real force in SmartOffice marketing!
Work Smarter - Live Webinar: Let's Talk Dashboards
In this live presentation, Liz Temple walks us through the power of dashboards in SmartOffice and how you can get them implemented quickly in your office. Followed by a Q&A with the Manager of SmartOffice Technical Support, Wo Zhu.
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: Be Bold...the bottom line.
Liz tells SmartOffice to be bold! In this video, she helps you get around a tricky quirk to help you 'bold' text in Remarks, SmartPads, and Calendar Descriptions and more. Hint: It’s all in the ‘bottom line’.
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: Hey, Mel...are you in the office?
Liz Temple talks about communication—with colleagues as well as clients—and best practices on making sure it's all tracked efficiently for many reasons--including audits.
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: Comprehensive Add — To Be or Not to Be?
Liz takes us through this great SmartOffice feature on adding detailed information when creating a contact, and a few key details to look out for.
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: Mass Correspondence Without the Mess!
Liz Temple walks you through the simple approach to mass correspondence in SmartOffice.
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: The DNA of a Referral
In this episode of Work Smarter, Liz walks you through the right way to properly enter and track a referral in SmartOffice.
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: Actually...they're All VIP Fields
SmartOffice Trainer and Client Advocate Liz Temple touches on what VIP fields are and how you can put them to work!
Work Smarter with Liz Temple: Regarding Custom Fields
SmartOffice Trainer and Client Advocate Liz Temple does a short walk through on the real-world value of custom fields in SmartOffice.
SmartOffice Best Practices Series: The Opportunity Module
The Opportunity Module is one of the best kept secrets in SmartOffice. And yet those who master this module can use it to organize some of their most tedious processes. In this Best Practices session, you will learn how to build an opportunity workflow and make it work for you.
SmartOffice Best Practices Series - A Day in the Life of An Advisor
Follow along as we demonstrate how a financial advisor could use SmartOffice to schedule calls and meeting with clients and prospects during a typical day. We’ll show how SmartOffice creates an audit trail for tracking meetings and tasks, and how the advisor would review and append notes.

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