SmartOffice Workflows

The Next Level of Automation

Workflows add advanced automation to SmartOffice. These add-ons are triggered on a recurring schedule or when certain events happen in the system, completing actions that would normally require manual intervention. Workflows save time and ensure that your processes are carried out consistently. They can also be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Step 1: Select the Workflows you’re interested in
Send E-mails to Clients Whose Accounts Close

When an investment account’s status is no longer Active/Open, send an e-mail to the account’s contact.

Categories: Investments


Create Activities for High-Value Clients with No Activities Scheduled

Check weekly to see if any contacts with a sub-type of Client A have no activities scheduled. If any are found, create Appointment-type activities for the current day for those clients.

Categories: Calendar


Send Holiday E-mails to Clients

Send Client-type contacts a year-end e-mail on Christmas Eve.

Categories: Contact


E-mail Contacts Who Have No Scheduled Appointments

On the first day of every month, check for contacts who do not have an Appointment-type activity scheduled and e-mail them.

Categories: Contact,Calendar


Create Follow-up Activities for Activities Created Today

When an activity is scheduled for a contact on the current day, create a weekly series of Call-type activities for the contact starting three months from the current date.

Categories: Calendar


Create Opportunities for Contacts with Upcoming Birthdays

Check daily for contacts with no opportunities and a birthday falling within the next three months. If any are found, create opportunities for those contacts.

Categories: Opportunities


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